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Name: Lisa Brianne Foster
Age: almost 13
Sexuality: Hetro
Gender: Female
Where are you from?: Pound, Va
Why do you want to join this community?: Because Samantha Is one of my bestest friends!
Describe yourself in 3 words: Funny, Dorky, Athletic
How do you see yourself?(ex. pretty, ugly, etc.): well i don't consider myself ugly but i'm not goregous so I guess I would say I'm just pretty!
Hobbies: Playing Sports, being on the computer, listening to music, singing, dancing, acting, making ppl laugh, hangin out!
Interests: Basketball, Softball, Football, Poetry, Photography, Broadway....
Do you play any sports?: yes, basketball, softball, cross country
Do you like them?: yes i love them!
Have a bf/gf?: nope =( but i do like someone!
What's their name?
Have any pets? yep..1 dog and 1 cat
What are your top five favorite bands? fall out boy, my chemical romance, green day, the used, simple plan
What is your favorite television show? fresh prince

Now post at least 3 clear pictures of yourself:

Im in the red


In the red again



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